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We are always recruiting members. We are primarily an adult choir, all ages from middle school on up. Please check us out for the first rehearsal with no obligation - just to get a flavor of what we are all about.

Regular Seasons:

FALL = September to November
SPRING = March to May

Chris Coogan (if you don't know him already) is a fabulously talented jazz and gospel musician who developed the Good News Gospel Choir over ten years ago. He has a way of inspiring each member to personal growth and confidence, while leading the group to greater levels of musicality and enjoyment.

Choir Member Testimony:

"Before joining the GNGC (over 3 years ago), I had only sung to the windshield of my car and to my cats! Now, I love sharing the gift of music in many settings and have even ventured out into a solo on occasion. I have felt that the choir has really been a way for me to share the love of Christ and to connect with the Lord.”

Michaelann Cox

This is just one testimony among many. If you are looking for a serious, committed group that is fun, fulfilling, and accepting - this is the group for you!

Maybe you’re a professional singer . . . or a shower-singer . . . or maybe you miss the high school chorus group or church choir. Whatever the case, no matter your level of singing ability, WE WANT YOU!!!! If you are a retired member, why not consider coming out of retirement for another season?!


The 12 week season involves . . .

  1. Newcomer Night is our first rehearsal each season, which is very informal with no pressure. Just come, mingle, and sing with the group. Everyone is welcome!
  2. Weekly rehearsals are on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Norfield Congregational Church in Weston, CT (64 Norfield Road). You can call them for their automated directions at 203-227-7886. We urge people to come to every rehearsal and our general guideline is "no more than two absences."
  3. We perform regularly throughout our seasons, often on Sunday mornings at area churches. This is a great opportunity to appreciate different worship experiences, and to bring something fresh and full of energy to various congregations. A typical season consists of approximately eight to ten gigs culminating in an end-of-season concert. We have a general "no more than two absences" guideline for gigs.
  4. Payment of $65 administrative fee, due no later than the third rehearsal, $100 for families. (Yes, that's right! We're lucky enough to have several whole families who sing together with us.) This fee includes practice CD(s), all printed material and supports (our bare bones!) administrative staff.
  5. You do NOT need to know how to read music! All parts are taught by ear. You will receive a copy of the lyrics along with a practice CD. Honest to goodness, we will teach you everything you need to know! For most members this means learning the basics of singing plus the more specific gospel vocal techniques. For those interested, there are many opportunities for solos and furthering your musical education with more specific skills.
  6. Readiness to sing, laugh, have a good time, and enjoy yourself! This is powerful music that really brings a group together in spirit. You will find that we are a really friendly, open and fun group. Our aim is to enjoy ourselves while learning and improving, as we spread joy through song.
  7. Everyone is welcome! We cherish diversity in every respect. There is a place for you here at Good News!

If you are interested in joining the Good News Gospel Choir and/or would like additional information please call Pru Hartley at 203-543-1230 or email her at